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        General FAQ's

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        Laboratory tests?are often part of a routine checkup to look for changes in your health. They also help doctors diagnose?medical?conditions, plan or evaluate treatments, and monitor diseases.

        Clinical chemistry?(also known as?chemical?pathology,?clinical?biochemistry or medical biochemistry) is the area of?chemistry?that is generally concerned with analysis of bodily fluids for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

        Blood chemistry tests are blood tests that?measure?amounts of certain chemicals in a sample of blood. They show how well certain organs are working and can help find abnormalities. Blood chemistry tests may also be called chemistry panels.

        Calibration?is the process of evaluating and adjusting the precision and accuracy of measurement equipment. Proper?calibration?of an instrument allows people to have a safe working environment and produce valid data for future reference.

        After processing the blood,?clinical?chemists can examine?key?aspects of the patient's health. For example, they can also determine levels of blood glucose, which is used by the body for energy. ... This is an early indication of certain liver diseases or blood cells that can indicate an infection or injury in the body.

        Chemistry?panels are groups of?tests?that are routinely ordered to determine a person's general health status. They help evaluate, for example, the body's electrolyte balance and/or the status of several major body organs. The?tests?are performed on a blood sample, usually drawn from a vein.

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