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        About ISE Company

        I.S.E. is a leader in developing and producing clinical chemistry analysers.

        ISE offers a complete clinical chemistry solution?which easily adapts to any laboratory size.?

        The Company’s analysers are fully automated for both routine and special testing.
        Ease of use, combined with minimal operating requirements makes ISE analysers?a logical choice for any laboratory.

        I.S.E.’s range of chemical analysers is designed for hospital laboratories,?healthcare professionals, independent labs, and other organizations requiring?high quality clinical laboratory analysis.

        * ISE analysers available also with special application for wine and water analysis.

        Established in 1992 and based in Rome, Italy, ISE has installed thousands?of analysers worldwide. The Company is strongly committed to supplying?innovative analysers that meet international standards to its customers.

        I.S.E. is an?ISO 9001:2008?and?ISO 13485:2004?certified company.


        We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and will do the utmost to respond quickly to your needs.



        ISE Srl

        R&D and Production:
        I.S.E. S.r.l.
        Via Luigi Einaudi, 7
        Guidonia Montecelio
        00012 Rome, Italy

        Tel. + 39 0774 579 365

        Send e-mail to:

        Customer Care Center

        Sales and Marketing

        Order Handling & Logistics

        Technical Service

        Legal site:
        I.S.E. S.r.l.
        Via delle Driadi, 45
        00133 Rome, Italy

        Dear Customer,
        Save time by starting your?Contact?Form,
        We will respond as soon as we can,
        Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.